When you’re walking in the hall and you see your friends sitting in their class..

You’re all like 

They see you and are all like

Then the teacher sees you and they’re all like 

So you’re just all like 

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when your parents say it

when your friends say it

when the teacher say it

when someone HOT says it

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Taking notes in class

Teacher changes mind on what he/she said 

Scribble everything out like..

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It’s so gross when teachers lick their finger and then give the paper to me.


I look at them like


I don’t want your dried coffee breath on my paper. 


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That one cool teacher who never gives homework over the weekend…
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When The Teacher Says Something & You Think of it in a Dirty Way..
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When teachers give a surprise test.


And you don’t know the first question

And you don’t know the second question

And you finally realize that you don’t even know one question and you feel like

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That one teacher who talks faster than you can take notes…

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When the teacher says “we are going to watch A movie today”

At first

Then they say “here is the worksheet”

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when the teacher sees me chewing gum:
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